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Prepare to be blown away by our recently constructed vessel, the Albertina, which boasts contemporary architecture embodying both sophistication and style. With a capacity to accommodate up to 150 passengers, the Albertina promises an intimate and comfortable experience for our guests. Throughout your voyage, our team of 40 international crew members stands ready to cater to your every need, ensuring your maximum comfort and satisfaction at every turn.

Princess Isabella

Step aboard the majestic Princess Isabella, designed to accommodate 172 passengers. The ship promises a truly personalised experience where luxury meets intimacy on every voyage. With a dedicated team of 42 attentive international crew members, you can rest assured your journey is nothing short of extraordinary.

Princess Sisi

Named after the illustrious Empress of Austria, the Sisi embodies elegance and refinement. Though built in the 2000s, the vessel has undergone recent refurbishments to meet modern standards whilst maintaining its pristine condition. Accommodating 157 passengers across 78 cabins, the Sisi ensures a comfortable and inviting atmosphere. Our attentive international crew members are dedicated to ensuring your satisfaction, attending to your every need with warmth and efficiency.

Princess Katharina

Step aboard the Katharina, a vessel exuding classical charm adorned with timeless paintings and intricate patterns. Refurbished in 2015 to meet the highest standards of comfort, this ship offers a cosy retreat for our guests. With room for 144 passengers, the Katharina guarantees a personalised experience. Our team of 35 dedicated crew members is committed to providing attentive service throughout your stay, ensuring a seamless and memorable journey.

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